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Welcome To Lucy’s Trail

Dancing Through The Spiral Gate …

Lucy’s Trail is based on the “Dancing Through The Spiral Gate” series of “Lucy” books by Dr. Gail Lash.  This website highlights and features Peace Trails that are created by Lucy on her wondrous and magical journeys through nine countries, traveling with nine wild animals!  Get a sneak preview of these nine adventure-fantasy stories, and where her quests for peace will lead her!

Book 1: Lucy Adams & The Book of Truth
Book 2: Lucy Adams & The Shied of Light
Book 3: Lucy Adams & The Wings of Justice
Book 4: Lucy Adams & The Eye of Horus
Book 5: Lucy Adams & The Stone of Manataka
Book 6: Lucy Adams & The Cave of Prophesies
Book 7: Lucy Adams & The Coins of Lakshmi
Book 8: Lucy Adams & The Star Gate of Dreams
Book 9: Lucy Adams & The End of Time